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Terms for sale

TERMS OF SALE: Article 1 - Preamble This agreement defines the conditions of access and use of the photographs of which you have been granted the right to use. By clicking your cart “Pay” button, you accept the terms of this agreement without any reservation.

Article 2 - Copyrights The photographs are copyrighted. Whether they have been delivered in paper or digital format, they remain their author, or his copyright holders, propriety. They can only be used in compliance with this agreement or any other specific agreement between the buyer and the photographer.

Article 3 - Right to use You are granted a single-user, non-transferable and non-exclusive license. Therefore, you cannot transfer, on any grounds, a photograph in whole or in part, to a third person. You cannot use the photographs in a way that could seem racist, political, illicit, pornographic or xenophobic.

Article 4 - Private use The private purchase allows only a family use (paper impression in the purchased format, desktop wallpaper).

Article 5 - Commercial use By this term is included any commercial use either digital or printed on any material support. Unless prior permission from FOTORISSIMA, the license is only given for one publication, in one language, regardless the support. Any new use of the photograph requires a prior written authorization from FOTORISSIMA. The legal mention "© FOTORISSIMA" is mandatory, either next to the publication or in photo credits. A copy of the publication has to be sent to the author after publication to the address indicated in the “contact” section. In case the photographs bought represent architectural monuments, pieces of art, copyrighted objects or brands (intellectual property rights, image rights, civil code, drawing and model rights, protected brand rights), it remains the buyer responsibility to obtain, from the copyright holder(s), the agreement to use the purchased photographs. To make an order, you should request an estimate describing precisely the context of the use of the photograph and the chosen dimensions.

Article 6 - Prices Prices of photographs are given in Euros. The V.A.T. is not applicable (article 293 of General Tax Code). Price depends on support (paper or digital) and dimensions of the photographs. It is indicated below every photograph of the gallery.

Digital photographs, resolution for screen 1600px: 15 Euros Digital photographs, high definition from the digital camera used: 45 Euros CD of all the HD photographs of your car, please contact us. Those prices are applicable for a private use. For a commercial use, please request an estimate describing precisely the context of the use of the photograph and the chosen dimensions

Paper impression. Impressions are made in a professional laboratory on Fuji “Cristal Supreme Archives Paper” or an equivalent. Format 18 cm X 24 cm : 12 euros Format 30 cm X 45 cm : 35 euros Format 50 cm X 75 cm : 55 euros For bigger format, please contact us.

Delivery Costs to France 18 x 24 : 3,00 euros from 1 to 10 photos and 4,90 euros beyond 30 x 45 : 6,00 euros from 1 to 10 photos and 11,90 euros beyond 50 x 75 : 9,00 euros from 1 to 10 photos and 15,90 euros beyond Delivery Costs to other countries 18 x 24 : 8,00 euros from 1 to 10 photos and 11,90 euros beyond 30 x 45 : 12,00 euros from 1 to 10 photos and 15,90 euros beyond 50 x 75 : 15,00 euros from 1 to 10 photos and 24,90 euros beyond If you order photographs from different sizes, prices apply to the biggest format.

Article 7 - Order The order is made on line by Paypal payment. Under every photograph of the gallery, there is a list of options with associated prices. You indicate the number you want and click on the “add to my cart” button. After you have finished your selection, you will find your whole selection in your cart; you can add or remove photographs from your cart before you click the “Pay” button. You can also pick up references from photographs and contact me directly for specific orders.

Article 8 - Payment The payment is made through Paypal preferably (safe and easy). If you want to pay by cheque, the order will be processed when the cheque is received if the amount matches the total order price, potential posting fees included.

Article 9 - Posting Photographs will be posted 5 worked days after the payment is received. The sender is not responsible for the potential damages in transit. Digital files are sent by e-mail, 24 hours after the payment if possible. Exception: in case we would be in business trip, posting will be made when we return.

Article 10 - Right to cancel According the article 121-16 of the Consumption code clauses, the buyer benefits from a 7 days cooling-off period starting the day he/she received the order, to send the good(s) back in the original packaging at his/her expense, and ask for an exchange or a refund. After this period, the buyer is considered to have accepted the good(s) and cannot exercise his/her right to cancel.

Article 11 - Contact Fotorissima SARL 6 rue du 91ème Régiment d’Infanterie 08600 GIVET – France +33.(0)